Welcome to the website of the Traditional Tae Kwon Do, the Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, the first and most authentic form of Tae Kwon Do. If you think that a Martial Art is more than just kicks and punches, unnecessary violence, hysterical screams and hard style, then you are in the right place.

Come and share with us our love for this art.

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In our club we practice the traditional martial art of Taekwondo, focusing on all aspects of Taekwondo for all ages and skill level. We encourage all our trainees to participate in every aspect of Taekwondo by doing the best they can.

We are members of the Greek Taekwondo Federation, approved by the General Secretariat for Sports and we have also strong ties with the Korean Chung Do Kwan Federation.

All our instructors are graduates from the Coaching School, recognized by the General Secretariat for Sports.

Our chief instructor is Master Spyros Loumanis, holding the 6th Dan, who is engaged for more than 30 years in martial arts, being a personal learner of Grand Master Choi Duk Kyu (8th Dan holder) for all these years.